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Pest Control Services in Eustis, FL

Here at A-Pest Exterminator Inc. we provide eco-friendly pest control services so that your family and pets remain safe at all times. We also provide customized indoor pest control to fit your budget and needs. We have monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly and one-time services for both residential and commercial clients so you only receive the services you need. We service both the interior and exterior of your building and depending on your problem area; we use a combination of materials to ensure proper control.

Exterior Services

Exterior barriers are included on any continuing service with A-Pest Exterminator Inc. We eliminate hornets' nests and sweep all spider webs that are accessible. We also coat you're the exterior of the building with a baited granular that lasts.
Close-up of termite - Exterior Pest control Services in Eustis, FL

Interior Services

For our indoor pest control services, we use roach and ant baits to eliminate the most common indoor pests. We then place growth regulators and residual dust that does not stain, smell or corrode any of your personal items.

Most of our services come with a full guarantee. If you have any interior pest control problems after we service your home or business, we will return free of charge to retreat the area.

Termite Control

Your home or business is an investment. Don't let termites eat at your investment. A-Pest Exterminator Inc. offers pre and post construction termite services. This means that before your home is even complete, you can already take the first step of protection and continue your protection years after the construction is completed.

We offer a comprehensive termite plan to ensure you do not have any termites invading your home. Our services include a variety of treatment methods and materials for subterranean termite control and we use TERMIDOR as our service product. On pre-construction treatments offer a borate care for all raw wood.

We back our service with a warranty package to fit your budget. Call now for your free inspection and estimate.
Honeybee swarm - Bee Removal in Eustis, FL

Bee Removal

Having a bee hive too close to your home or business could be dangerous to everyone. Here at A-Pest Exterminator Inc. we offer a safe solution for your bee problem with quick and safe bee and hornet extermination and honey removal from the walls of your business if necessary. Our service is guaranteed or we return at no charge. So Bee quick, Bee smart and call us to resolve your Bee or hornet problem!

Rodent Control

Having rodents in your home or business can not only be unsanitary, but they can cause sleepless nights and damage to your property. Here at A-Pest Exterminator Inc., we offer a treatment plan to eradicate your rodent problems. We provide both baiting and non-baiting services and use a variety or capture products in the case that baiting is not an option and return to remove any captures for you. We will identify any possible rodent entry points to your building and correct them if we can. And as with any of our services, we offer a guarantee up to the completion time of service. Call today for your free estimate!